Weaving A Better Future For ALL

Our pets and our planet

deserve the best

Regenerating Cotton Waste

For more than three decades, our sole focus has been crafting exeptional recycled cotton pet rope toys, but the story of knotty Pawz tradition, and a small-town girl's dream coming to life.

Woven by Hand

High Quality Materials

Our handcrafted, recycled cotton pet toys are non-toxic and gentle enough for playtime with both pets and children.

Designed with JOY

We believe pet toys should be beautiful as well as functional. Our designs are as stylish as they are durable, adding a touch of charm to your pet's playtime.

Handmade With LOVE

Each Knotty Pawz toy is meticulously handmade, ensuring quality and a unique touch for your pet.


Our pets matter. We believe we can all make a difference.