Sky and Cloud Rope Tug Toy Set

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Product Overview

Wreath: 5.9"x5.9, 5.96 oz
Loop with handle: 11.8" Long, 3.1 oz
Three Tug Balls: 9.05" Long, 4.83 oz

Introducing our enchanting "Sky and Cloud Rope Tug Toy Set,* where the boundless blue skies meet the fluffy, white clouds in a world of playful delight. This set is designed to take your pet on a soaring adventure through the realms of fun and excitement. Our Sky and Cloud Rope Tug Toy Set combines the best of both worlds, offering your furry companion, not one but two captivating rope toys inspired by the tranquil beauty of the heavens. Crafted with care and creativity, these toys are not only visually appealing but also built for hours of interactive play.

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