Yellow the Lizard Rope Toy

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Product Overview

Length: 10 inches
Weight: 1.4 oz  

"Yellow" the charming Lizard Rope Toy, inspired by the heartwarming family adventure of "Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog." Named after the beloved movie character, Yellow is not just a toy; he's a symbol of joy, adventure, and a bond that transcends miles. Crafted with passion and expertise in the vibrant heart of Greenville, SC, this enchanting lizard represents more than just a plaything -- it's a testament to our commitment to creating engaging and durable toys that both pets and their owners will love. Yellow holds a special place in our hearts as our very first tug-of-war toy since our inception. His creation was made possible with the invaluable 30 years of work experience of my Dad, who poured his knowledge and dedication into crafting a toy that reflects the spirit of adventure andplay. Yellow is more than just a toy; it's a promise of unforgettable moments, fun, and the strong connections formed through play. We invite you to let Yellow be a part of your playtime adventures, bringing a touch of movie magic and family warmth to every day.

Mission: inspire healthy play and encourage eco-conscious pet owners to embrace sustainable choices.

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