Fruity Delights Artisan Rope Toys

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Fuji Apple
Green Apple

Product Overview

Market Rope Basket:
Strawberry 1.5"x 3", 1.4oz
Pear: 2"x 4.5", 2.6oz
Banana: 1"x 6", 2oz
Fuji Apple 2"x 3", 2.2oz
Green Apple: 2"x 3", 2.2oz
Pineapple: 2.5"x 4", 3.6oz
Orange: 2"x 3", 2.0oz

"Fruity Delights Artisan Rope Toys"- a whimsical blend of fun and nutrition for your beloved pet. These handcrafted rope toys are designed to infuse playtime with the essence of fresh fruits.Crafted with care and creativity, each toy is a colorful and eco-friendly treat for your furry companion. Encourage healthy play and interaction while treating your pet to a taste of fruity joy. These artisan rope toys are more than just playthings; they're a flavorful joumey of delight for your pet's senses.ment.Embrace a playful and nutritious way to keep your pet entertained with our Palatable Carrot Rope Toys!

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