Ollie the Octopus Rope Toy

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Small (For pups up to 25lbs)
Medium ( For pups up to 50lbs)
Big (For pups over 70lbs )

Product Overview

Big: 7.08” height, 8.85 oz weight 
Medium: 5.5” height, 4.5 oz weight
Small: 3.93” height, 2.65 oz weight

Crafted by a team of seaside artisans, Ollie the Orange Octopus emerged from their love for oceanic wonders. Each of Ollie's orange tentacles reflects the vibrant hues of coral reefs and the joyful spirit of underwater life. With its intricate knots and vibrant personality, Ollie is not just a toy; he's a promise of endless play and a touch of coastal charm to brighten the lives of pets and their human friends. Ready to embark on an aquatic adventure, Ollie longs to be your pet's playful companion and comforting embrace, offering hours of entertainment and warmth.

Mission: inspire healthy play and encourage eco-conscious pet owners to embrace sustainable choices.

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