Daisy and Jasper Squeaky Plush Rope Toys

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Weight:2.5 oz
Type: Daisy, Jasper

Daisy and Jasper Squeaky Plush Rope Toys - a delightful duo designed to bring joy and interactive play to your furry friends. These charming toys combine the best of both worlds: a plush and huggable animal head, featuring Daisy the Frog and Jasper the Bear, and a sturdy rope body that's perfect for tugging and chewing. These toys have a special place in our hearts as they mark our very first venture into creating plush rope squeaky toys. Crafted with care and taking 30 minutes of dedicated work to complete each one, they embody our commitment to quality and playfulness. Treat your pets to the magic of Daisy and Jasper and let them indulge in hours of fun with these endearing companions.

Mission: Inspire healthy play and encourage eco-conscious pet owners to embrace sustainable choices.

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