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We're on a mission to create safe, nontoxic toys made of to 100% upcycled and regenerated cotton waste.

Our family is committed to transforming the Earth

30 Years Family Owned Factory

We are a family business built on a 100-year legacy of craftmanship. We treat our team and partners with fairness and respect.

Meet our Founder

In 2022, Knotty Pawz emerged as the culmination of over three decades of expertise in crafting recycled pet rope toys. Founded by Weiwei Huang, a native of the quaint village of WangLi in China, who now calls Greenville, South Carolina, home alongside her beloved husband. Weiwei's journey to entrepreneurship was fueled by her husband's unwavering support, enabling her to transform her dreams into a thriving business that not only helps her family but also her community.

We Give Back

We donate 1% of our sales and donate toys to support local pet shelters across the USA, helping animals in need.

Committed to our Planet

We are committed to our planet. We Upcycle cotton textile waste through a meticulous cleaning process, minimizing environmental impact.