Large Handmade Macrame Candy Rope for Big Dogs, Sustainable

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Unleash the Joy with Our Macrame Cany Rope Tug Toys!

Get ready to spoil your furry friend with our brand-new macrame candy rope tug toys! These playful tug toys boast a burst of sunshine yellow, guaranteed to bring joy to playtime.

Handcrafted with Sustainable Luxury:

We've meticulously crafted these tug toys using high-quality, sustainable cotton rope. This commitment to eco-friendly materials ensures your pup gets a safe and responsible plaything.

A Labor of Love: One-Hour of Dedication in Every Tug Toy

Each macrame cany rope tug toy is a testament to our dedication to quality. Our artisans take meticulous care, from designing the braid to handcrafting the candy, resulting in a one-hour difference in crafting time compared to our other tug toys. This extra time translates into an exceptionally stylish, durable, and safe tug toy unlike any other on the market.

Chemical-Free Dyes for Peace of Mind:

We prioritize your pup's well-being, so you can rest assured knowing the vibrant yellow color comes from 100% chemical-free dyes.

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